InterAction and InterAction IQ Help Successful Law Firm Run “Lean and Mean”
InterAction and InterAction IQ Help Successful Law Firm Run “Lean and Mean”

Rosenberg Martin Greenberg, LLP is a 32-attorney law firm based in Baltimore, Maryland. The firm has extensive experience in the areas of commercial lending, litigation, real estate, creditors’ rights, business planning and transactions, tax and wealth planning, and tax controversy.

In today’s highly competitive legal marketplace, providing the highest quality services with unparalleled efficiency is a proven way for a law firm to gain an advantage over its rivals. But maintaining the ideal balance requires the right tools and a firmwide commitment to adapt to new ways of doing things. Just ask Jenna Schiappacasse, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Rosenberg Martin Greenberg, a Baltimore, Maryland-based, law firm that celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017.

For Schiappacasse, who rose through the firm’s marketing ranks over the course of her more than 10-year tenure at Rosenberg Martin Greenberg, facilitating change is the name of the game. Along with the firm’s IT director, she successfully lobbied the firm’s managers, convincing them of the value of implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

After getting the firm’s management on board by explaining how a CRM system would increase efficiency, reduce unnecessary expenses, and make their lives easier, Schiappacasse began digging into the pros and cons of several of the most popular CRM solutions available. When the dust settled, she selected LexisNexis® InterAction® her choice of InterAction was fueled by several key factors. Chief among these were its ease of use, its integration with Microsoft® Outlook®, the attractive interface, and the multiple options for offering second-level training.

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